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Full Name: Laurent Hogue
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Date and Time: 3/19/05, 9:27 PM
Comments: Thanks! What a great website! Continue your hard work, it's awsome! :)
Full Name: Bob Keith
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 2/13/04, 11:04 AM
Comments: great web site Kevin
Full Name: Ricky Bagolie
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/26/03, 1:01 AM
Comments: Firefighter and EMT Hearing Loss Litigation:

The Law Offices of Bagolie Friedman represent active and retired firefighters with hearing loss in a lawsuit against the Federal Signal Corporation for manufacturing defective sirens. Consultations are free.

Ricky E. Bagolie
587 Summit Avenue
PO Box 8238
Jersey City, NJ 07308
ph (201) 656-8500
fax (201) 656-4703
Full Name: Ricky Bagolie
Home Page:
Date and Time: 5/12/03, 10:31 AM
Comments: Firefighter and Paramedic Hearing Loss Litigation - Free Consultation
Visit our website or call 1 866 333-3529
Full Name: Darleene Shah, Communications
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Date and Time: 10/31/02, 9:29 AM
Comments: The American Occupational Health Conference held May 2-9, 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia is the spring scientific meeting of ACOEM (American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine) held in partnership with AAOHN (American Association of Ocupational Health Nurses, Inc.). Expected attendance: 5,000 physicians and other health professionals.
Full Name: Donna-loo Howard van Nell
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Date and Time: 6/11/02, 6:41 AM
Comments: Dear sir/madam
I'm a student doing degree in Occupational Health & Safety at the Cape Technikon (Cape Town). I have a special interest in conducting hearing hearing conservation programs and the control of occupational noise. We cover from the characteristics of sound, audiometry to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of '93 (South African legislation).
I'm inquiring about any possible vacancies or study opportunities in this field as I am a hardworking and enthusiastic individual. Would your please be so kind as to forward this message to other institutions concerned with Occ. Health & Safety.
You can contact me at
Yours truly,
D.H van Nell.
Full Name: Thomas Thunder, AuD, INCE
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Date and Time: 3/13/02, 10:40 PM
Comments: I'll list this site in my university classes and online courses.
Full Name: Mike Chial
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Date and Time: 1/1/02, 8:02 PM
Comments: Kevin,

Your's is an extremely useful site. Thanks for the wonderful work! I've linked to it from several locations on my own site,

including on a page devoted to a graduate course in hearing conservation. And I've included your site in one of my lab exercises.

Thanks again.
Full Name: Kathleen M. Denton
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Date and Time: 1/1/02, 8:01 PM
Comments: Do you have a MA/MS degree in Audiology?
Full Name: Dr/ Mansoor .A .ALmasoud
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Date and Time: 12/5/01, 7:43 PM
Comments: pleas add me to your mailing list
Dr/ Mansoor .A .ALmasoud..MBBS,MSc,Occupational med...Saudi Arabia
Full Name: L.A.
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 10/18/01, 9:43 AM
Comments: your site is fabulous! my teacher made us do an assignment over it and i really understand it now!
thank you so much and now i hope to be a scientist when i grow up!!
Full Name: Vernon Shearer
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 7/16/01, 7:14 AM
Comments: It looks like this will be a very useful site.
Full Name: Joseph W. Weik, esq.
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Date and Time: 7/12/01, 12:40 PM
Comments: Thanks for the information. Very easy to navigate the site.
Full Name: Jim Johnson
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Date and Time: 7/4/01, 8:29 AM
Comments: Very Useful Site.
Full Name: n b gagnon
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/27/01, 6:22 AM
Comments: good work
Full Name: Carol Stephenson
Home Page: None.
Date and Time: 5/17/01, 9:41 AM
Comments: very nice and useful!