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All frequencies must 
be filled in with values in dB.

If hearing threshold is greater than 100 dB enter 100 dB. If hearing threshold is less than zero dB 
enter 0 dB.

Patient's age must be greater than 18 yrs to calculate presbycusis.

250 Hz

500 Hz
1000 Hz

2000 Hz

3000 Hz

4000 Hz

6000 Hz

8000 Hz


Enter Patient's Age at time of Audiogram:

Enter Patient's Age for the Projected Audiogram:

Select Sex of Patient

Directions:  Age is entered in years with up to two decimal points.  To calculate age from the patient's birth date to the audiogram's test date, use the "Find Years From Dates" screen button.   If the Projected Audiogram's age is left blank only the hearing impairment for the Initial Audiogram is calculated.

Select Handicap Equation
  AAO 1979              
  AAOO 1959           
NIOSH 1997
British Society of Audiology
Comparison of All Equations
(Initial Audiogram Only)

Presbycusis & Test Projection

Handicap Formula Definitions
Terms of Calculator Use


Select Presbycusis Equation
Robinson Sutton's
Spoor's Equations

Project Male with Female    
Presbycusis Data

Adding Noise HL & Presbycusis
Use ISO 1999 Compression Factor.
Reduce Offset By 50%.

Calculate Hearing Impairment & Projection

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Hearing Handicap and Presbycusis Calculator
Select from eight handicap and two Presbycusis equations
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